How to wind down after a long day as a steel worker

So here is how to wind down as a steel worker!

I’m going to share with you a few my own relaxation tips that I do once I get home to completely unwind and reset for the next day.

  1. Once you get home, take a long hot bath or shower really let yourself relax
  2. burn some aromatic candles and/or incense to really set the tone of relaxation
  3. Get into some comfy clothes
  4. I do a little bit of yoga stretches to really get into the relaxation mode
  5. I then turn on some relaxation/meditation music to really let it sit in with eyes closed
  6. I eat. (I know simple)

then I do whatever I want once I have completely shifted my energy

I hope that helps. Wanna email me? I won’t promise to answer back immediately, but I’ll get to ya.

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