The Dangers of Being a Steelworker

The Dangers of Being a Steelworker

written by: Dan the steel man


The Dangers of Being a Steelworker

A steelworker is one of the leading dangerous professions listed among dangerous professions in the world. Its dangers culminate from the exposure to hazards while in the profession. To better understand the dangers one must first analyze the environment in which steelworkers execute their duties and how they execute their duties. Steelworkers can be characterized into two major categories; those that work in steel mills and those who work in construction. Both a regularly exposed to hazards that make the job a very dangerous one.

These dangers subject the workers to accidents that may digress into serious injuries or worse – fatalities. In the event of an injury or fatality, compensation is eligible only if the accident was caused by negligence of the worker is insured against such accidents. But the fact of the matter is after the occurrence of the accident or injury, the steelworker may not be able to work again and despite the compensation, things may never be the same again. Some may be subjected to trauma, depression and other forms of stress.

To better understand the dangers of being a steelworker, it is advisable to review some of the common and most likely hazards affecting steelworkers.

Side note* I had an opportunity to join in on a plumbing company before I started my steel working journey. My friend at gave me the chance to join in with him, wish I would’ve considering all of these dangers in my current field of choice.


•  Burns-Whether working in steel mills or construction, steelworkers are faced with the risk of being burnt. In the still mills, workers are exposed to high temperatures from the furnaces and any wrong move or lack of wearing any protective clothing may result to serious burns. The mill can also be exposed to faulty machinery that may implode during operations and cause burns. In construction, steelworkers do a lot of welding. Welding is a hazardous task that may result into serious burns. As a result, personal protective equipment should be worn at all times and tasks should be executed with utmost care.

•    Falls -Construction involving steel or iron is normally massive and involve extraordinary heights. The heights poses as a risk as a fall from tall construction would cause grave injuries to a steelworker or result in fatalities. Construction sites are also susceptible to forces of nature like high winds, high temperatures and lightning strikes that would make the work even harder for the workers. To limit the risks, it is plausible to install safety measures like safety nets and harnesses.

•  Muscle Strains and Injuries-Steelworkers are often or regularly required to carry out heavy lifting while loading and unloading the steel materials, carrying the steel at construction sites. Other machinery like cranes and fork lifts can be used but there is some aspect of the lifting that has to be done by the workers. Heavy lifts lead to back arm and shoulder muscle strains that could lead to chronic body pains in the same area.

•      Toxic Chemicals-While working in the steel mills and construction, the workers are exposed to deadly toxins in the form of chemicals. The chemicals may cause chemical burns, lung damage and even blindness in a short period of wrongful exposure. Longer periods of exposure would cause chronic ailments such as lung diseases or even cancer. Asbestos exposure has been linked to some forms of cancer.

•  Noise and Vibration-Operating heavy machinery and by virtue of being present in a construction site exposes steelworkers to both vibration and noise pollution respectively. Over decades, these aspects pose as risks for the workers. Operating heavy machinery in itself requires some form of expertise and training. Untrained personnel creates a risk to the workers. The machinery also emits some form of vibration that may cause nerve damage and wear down tendons and ligaments. Hearing loss is common among steelworkers because of the constant exposure to noise at the mills and construction sites especially when the right ear protection are not worn.

Even though it is impossible to entirely eliminate the risks faced by steelworkers, it is possible to reduce them by making safety a priority.

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